AREL was founded in 1987 as a family owned company, by Aydın Arcağ. Mr.Arcağ has been working in this manufacturing sector since 1961. In his long work experience, he designed and firstly manufactured the diesel welding machines, standard and 400 Hz. generators, converter type concrete vibrators and high frequency electric motors in Turkey as local products.

The long journey of AREL has started in 1987 with a vision of becoming a world trademark and left a long period full of success at the back. Since 1987, AREL developed its technology continuously with a high R&D investment. As a result, the company adopted new technologies and manufactured new designed products with excellence. AREL has always been desirous to sign up under new designs & products with the conscious of always better can be done.

AREL has always adopted a customer focused quality policy and took the customer satisfaction into account as the most important criterion of success. As a result of knowing the value of customer satisfaction, AREL provides unlimited aftersales and other service opportunities to the customers besides 2 years guarantee with the wide range of product variety & flexible manufacturing background and specialized staff.
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